1 Year Show! Woo

November 16, 2011

Well it's been a rough 1 year people but here we are, still going strong. Want to say thanks to all of our fans, yes! All 2 of you :D Love you guys and hope you love us too!


An improv podcast this week!

November 9, 2011

We might have missed last weeks show because we overshot our finish by a hell of a lot but this week we're coming back stronger! Except for Sam who has flu whilst recording this.

As always you can follow us on twitter at @KSFMPodcast which you can use to request songs to play on the podcast or just generally throw abuse at Simon and Kyle. If you don't like that you can follow each of us individually @Doodlesammich - Sam @SkemoKyle - Kyle @SimonNeroson - Simon.

Enjoy! :D


KSFM Fridays 19-10-2011

October 19, 2011

Hey guys here is a late episode of KSFM, the reason it's late is because Kyle ballsed up the last recording.

The KSFM Podcast now has a Twitter, follow us at @KSFMPodcast the Twitter is one of two ways to send requests to us, we'd prefer you to use the Twitter to request songs as it's easier to access.

also you can individually follow us at @SkemoKyle @DoodleSammich @SimonNeroson

Now, enjoy this podcast!

KSFMFridays returns!

October 5, 2011

Heya all, KSFM has finally returned, with a new format to the show, we would appreciate shoutouts and requests for next week, do this by contacting us on either Twitter( @SkemoKyle or @DoodleSammich ) or via the blogsite http://www.KSFMFridays.wordpress.com/

We mentioned Inthelittlewood or Martyn Littlewood in this episode, an inspiration to me and Simon, find him on Twitter at ( @Inthelittlewood ) or on Mansfield radio 103.2 from 6pm until 8pm!  He's also on YouTube under the name "Inthelittlewood" :D

KSFMFridays 08-04-2011

April 8, 2011

Today could be the last of KSFM!? D: Listen in as we talk about various game releases and our college friends! We also bid Tom Guy, one of the coolest characters from our Media course goodbye, as he is leaving the course! D: KSFMandTG.jpg Left to right: Lawrence sedgewick, Kyle Terry, Tom Guy, Sam Reeman and Simon Chambers.